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Seed Of Chucky movie review


Original Title : Seed Of Chucky
Directed by Don Mancini
Written by Don Mancini
Year : 2005
Country : USA
Length : 88 min
Misc : Unrated Version
Rating : 3 / 10


Learning that a movie is being made about the terrible deeds of his dead parents, Glen, Chucky's son, goes to Hollywood.
Having successfully resurrected these last, he notices that his family is far from being as warm-hearted that he dreamt of. In spite of the horror that it causes to the nice Glen, his parents begin a new series of macabre exploits. On the other hand, Chucky can't stand the idea that his son doesn't share his taste for murder ; as far as Tiffany is concerned, she only thinks about crossing the road of the star of the movie, Jennifer Tilly. Each encounter brings its load of surprises...


Don Mancini, scriptwriter for the "CHUCKY" franchise, decides to get behind the camera in the fifth opus of the series, "SEEDS OF CHUCKY", and at the same time, to direct his first ever long-running movie. Even though he doesn't have much experience, he's not a novice in that matter as he directed an episode of "TALES FROM THE CRYPT" ("Fitting Punishment") in 1989.

For "SEEDS OF CHUCKY", there's no surprise about the cast as we can find Chucky back (it's his movie after all!) voiced by Grima Wormtongue (oups Brad Dourif!) as well as Jennifer Tilly, in her own part contrary to "BRIDE OF CHUCKY" in which she played the part of a goth bimbo obsessed by the evil doll. The monstrous offspring of Chucky, Glen (Glenda or Shit Face, choose your side), is voiced by Pippin (oups Billy Boyd! Gotta stop watching "THE LORD OF THE RINGS"!). To this happy cast, you can also add John Waters, the rap artist Redman and the make up Tony Gardner who plays his own part.

While we could already feel a drift in the series in the fourth opus, Ronnie Yu's "BRIDE OF CHUCKY", this last episode really shows the end of the franchise by going on with not really funny gore comedy. Gore indeed as there are plenty of scenes real bloody there only to fill the emptiness of the scenario. Not very funny, as there are a series of harassing scenes, based on the exaggerated rudeness of Chucky and on the overwhelming will of the psycho couple to kill. The young Glen (or Glenda), in the limelight to the detriment of his father, has himself a very worrying schizophrenia which hides, as you might have guessed, his true nature of a serial killer...
At some times, the movie really falls into ridiculous, in particular during the ‘erotic' scene, contrarily to a movie like "TEAM AMERICA" in which the mix turns out good!

Even though Don Mancini is likely to have pleased himself by directing this episode, he should have concentrated on its scenario, as the concept of ‘a movie in the movie' had already been exploited in many films ("NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET", "SCREAM"...).
In this mass of mediocrity, some scene can make you smile, be it the self derision of Jennifer Tilly, her relentlessness towards the actress Julia Roberts (who is totally mocked!), the fact that Glen is persuaded of his Japanese roots because of the caption ‘Made in Japan' written on his arm or Britney Spears going out of the road (Oups I did it again)... but that's not enough to make a good horror movie, as it is just a not too bad entertainment....

This movie, which is filled with references ("SHINING" and "FANGORIA", for the more important), is on the edge of a total failure, an awkward comedy, but anyway decorated with its part of haemoglobin, and hasn't to be taken at face value. It's the end of the spooky ‘Nice Guy' of the first episodes...

« Ade due Damballa », please stop the massacre here! No CHUCKY #6!
Note from : 3 on 10
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Seed Of Chucky
Seed Of ChuckySeed Of ChuckySeed Of ChuckySeed Of ChuckySeed Of ChuckySeed Of Chucky

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lili - /11/21 at 19:12
# 5

hi ! this movie was really cool :-bd
i can`t wait to see another one
p.s.:i felt a little scared but...=)) it`s OK

His rating: 10/10
Christian - /10/14 at 00:35
# 4

Dear, Don Mancini, do you still have that Tiffany doll, i want to keep it so that I because I felt in love with her, she has a beautiful face and perfect body. so can you give her to me, I really appreciate that, thank you.

By, Christian Loureiro

His rating: 10/10
shelby smith - /10/10 at 15:09
# 3

hi i love your pics and your vidios i carnt wait to watch them again
see you soon

His rating: 10/10
esy,nan ,angie - /06/18 at 21:48
# 2

chuckys my boy friend.chucky were are you .i miss you.

His rating: 10/10
jasinister - /05/07 at 07:15
# 1

one of the most childish kids crap i have ever seen
the dialogue is for 10 year olds


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