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On Edge / Red Lines Double Feature movie review


Directed by Frazer Lee
Written by Frazer Lee
Year : 1998
Country : UK
Rating : 9 / 10


With Avec Doug Bradley, Charles Bodrman & Beth Murray

Because of a broken tooth problem, Peter Thurlow wants to be seen by a dentist at once. Doctor Mathews will take care of him... his way...

With Doug Bradley, Kirsty Levett & Leon Hanman

Emily ran once more in the hall of her school and her professor puts her into detention for that. Someone who she wasn't expecting comes and visit her revealing the true nature of her professor...


This story deals with one of the things that the human kind dislike the most : going to the dentist's.
The plot is mainly based on the actor skills of Doug Bradley whose performance is absolutely fantastic with contradictory emotions switches and is both convincing by his attitude and the look in his eyes, but also both in his charming and his threatening sides of his character.
The camerawork is great too. Indeed, the camera is mainly fixed on Doctor Mathews so that we are put into the place of this poor Mr Thurlow. This way of shooting also allows not to see what is happening until the director chooses to show you, allowing the viewer to set his mind free and imagine what happens... be patient... you'll get to see that in time!
Moreover, the characteristic noises at the dentist's, that we all know about, confirms the horror of the image that we all can imagine in our mind. All the movie long, you suffer as much as that poor patient! Simple but successful!
Horror also lays in the monologue established by Doctor Mathews, the patient founding himself in the impossibility to answer. Here also, Doug Bradley is absolutely marvellous and shows his great acting skills, outside of his Pinhead part in the “HELLRAISER” series for which he's very popular. The scenario and the script are very well written and lead us, from a moment to another, though dark humour or fear. All is well until the last scene I won't tell you about except that the make-up made by Bob Keen, another “HELLRAISER” veteran, is outstanding and is worth being seen!!! The horror of the whole short movie is at last visualized in this great scene!
One thing's for sure : after watching that, you'll look at your dentist differently!
Finally, both industrial and metal music fans will enjoy the music both in the prologue and the epilogue!

The story may not sound that horrific... but what will appear will establish the tension at once.
This plot too is based on the skills of the actors to share their emotions with the viewer. Once again, Doug Bradley demonstrates that he doesn't need to be buried into latex and with pins on his head to be scary! He excelled once more in imposing his charisma, his presence and the look in his eyes which shows all the madness of his character. Let's also note the great performance of Kirsty Levett for whom it was the first movie.
Dialogues aren't present very much but images speak for themselves and the atmosphere is heavy with tension. The face expression of the character are enough to pass their feelings to the viewers. This story is very well written to and, even though it's quite short (only lasts 5 minutes!), we go through intense emotions and it plays with surprises!
The make-ups by Bob Keen are also very beautiful and convincing. The music is threatening and put at favourable moments to make the audience jump on their seat!
Quick changes in camerawork added to music help rising the tension and the closed room gives an impression of claustrophobia. This tension is established quite naturally as soon as the apparition and will only decrease after the last scene which is marvellous of madness. Once again, everything is in the mind of the viewer and the director knows how to make people tense.
This short movie is merely original and shows very well the talent of all the persons involved in this projects! Here's a director we'll keep an eye on !!!
Note from : 9 on 10
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On Edge / Red Lines Double Feature
On Edge / Red Lines Double FeatureOn Edge / Red Lines Double FeatureOn Edge / Red Lines Double FeatureOn Edge / Red Lines Double FeatureOn Edge / Red Lines Double FeatureOn Edge / Red Lines Double FeatureOn Edge / Red Lines Double FeatureOn Edge / Red Lines Double Feature

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Phries - /07/07 at 10:38
# 1

Caught part of this in Heavy Metal. Good stuff.

His rating: 7/10
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