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Critique du film After Ate


Réalisé par Jason De Groote
Ecrit par Chris Bavota
Année : 2003
Pays : Canada
Durée : 10 min
Note du rédacteur : 6 / 10


Mark and Diane find shelter in the bathroom of their house, which is infested with living dead. The only thing that separates them from a certain death is the wooden front door that, for sure, wouldn't last long...


Eight years after his first short, "HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN", in 1996, Jason De Groote comes back behind the camera to shoot his new short, "AFTER ATE", based on the scenario by Chris Bavota.

After a brief introduction, the action takes place quickly in a small bathroom, where Mark and Diane try and repel the assaults of zombies who invaded the whole house.
This scene, the only in the short, give the impression that it was taken of a long-running movie as the viewer has indication neither on the identity of the zombies or on the circumstances of their presence.
In spite of this singularity in the scenario, we get into the game quickly, drawn buy this “in camera” atmosphere which isn't without reminding of "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD". Here, tension is at its high as the short is shot in a narrow room with minimalist set-up, with, for only emergency exit, a tiny window... But, unfortunately for the couple, looking through this window, Mark notice quickly that the house is entirely encircled by this living dead out of nowhere, and the survival chances decrease with every second... That's a pity that this only outdoor scene is so furtive, and leave the audience with his hunger!

Also to be regretted, the way Marcia MacDonald (Diane) plays, and for whom it's the first cinematographic apparition, stays little credible the whole short long, whereas Kel Salerno who embody with perfection the part of Mark, a character with a tough temperament, ready do anything to survive and to save his wife.

A short of quality with neat direction and with really realistic gore effects, which, however, lacks of material and give the impression it wasn't finished.
Note de : 6 sur 10
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After Ate
After AteAfter AteAfter AteAfter AteAfter AteAfter Ate

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